Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still Lurking...

WB is back in the hospital this week so I am still just lurking around y'all. Thanks for making me laugh, and especially thanks for all of your prayers. The boy thought that he would bleed out on my watch? Well I don't think so!!! We got him to the ER in time, big hole in his stomach, burned it up, blah, blah, blah...hopefully the bleeding will stop so they don't have to take out part of his stomach.

I just did a 48 hour shift at the hospital so Homer could go the the BYU game, the game I never want to talk about for as long as I live, and thank you April for sending me texts on how bad the game was!!! Love you sister! Hamster and I will be mourning this week.

Anyway, still lurking so don't say anything bad about me 'cause I will see it!!! And if anyone of you are capable of feeling sorry for me...please do so starting now...McFly has starting playing with fire and just about burning the house down today, again on my watch. Do you see a pattern here? Gee...does anyone need a babysitter? I'm really good with kids...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks for the Prayers!

There is this really great chaplain at St. Rose Sienna Hospital. He has been there for years and always says to me..."I know you are LDS, but is it OK if we pray for you?"

And then I always say to him..."Well, since we pray to the same God, thanks, I really appreciate that!"

I wonder why that is that some people think because you are a different religion that is may not be OK to pray for them? THAT would be my random thought Shelle and Jules...

Now to the good stuff...We have had a miracle! Seriously, we have! We had a ward fast for WB on Sunday along with alot of prayers for friends. Today they went in to surgery to remove his tumor...(5 docs said it was a GIST tumor), well they get in to remove it and it was the tube from his shunt that was growing into his stomach to create the "tumor"!

I am not one to say never mind Lord, it wasn't cancer so I don't need your help now...I TOTALLY believe in the power of prayer!!! Just like my friend Texas said..."this is a thank-you Jesus moment"!

Anyway, thank you all for everything, your prayers and happy thoughts! I told the doc that we had to be home by game time on me...we will be!!! I can so be a nag! Just ask the fam!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

BYU Cougars Rock!!!

OK, I am totally jacking this post from Cute Sister 'cuz she did all the work and I am a loser that way! My Cougars Rock!!! What a game!!! We watched it in the hospital room with WB. We would scream and the nurses would run in and ask if everything was alright! They finally caught on...

We are so proud of Max and the team...just wish Unga could have played...and Pitta the Kitty Lover was awesome as usual!

Yeah, who cares if he is Danny White's nephew! He is WB's cousin!
(well he's my nephew too!)

WB did wake up out of his drugged up stupor to see the last quarter and was grinning the best he could! He does love his cousin Max and the guys on the team are so good to him. So sorry we were not there but the win made a crappy week better. WE BLEED BLUE!!!

Lookin' forward to a GREAT year! Hopefully we can make the games..

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hey bloggy friends! I will be MIA for a while...well, not totally MIA, I will lurk in the middle of the night when I am really tired and can't always leave rude and disgusting comments.

Las week Homer and I went for classes/testing to get our CCW, (concealed weapons) so I will be packin'! I do live in Vegas you know and have you met my first born? HAHAHAHA (you just THINK I am kidding)... then came home to a sick Wheelchair Boy. He has been pretty sick since Saturday, took him to the doctor...blah, blah, blah. This is not the usual brain surgery stuff, that I can handle, no, sweet WB had to crash in the ER!!! Nurses yelling and throwing stuff...not my first rodeo, and he has been closer to the "D" word before. We are not panicky kind of people. (Although I will admit to you that I was praying HARD) but don't tell any of my other friends, I don't want them to think that I am spiritual!!! LOL

Ya far as my first born goes...go ahead and call me a bad mother if you want! BUT! WB? Them are fightin' words!!! I have neglected and sacrificed everything for the boy, our whole family has, so don't tick me off!!! WB has never even had a bed sore in his life! OK...well Homer is in charge of that part, but I can take credit too don't ya think?

Anyway...long story short...gushing blood out from underneath his G-Tube, needed blood blah, blah, blah again...come to find out he has a rare form of stomach cancer. Inconvenient huh? He will be fine...just waiting to see if we do chemo or they cut it out. He has a lot of hardware in him and is at big risk for infection, so yes this does suck.

Now we are not "whoa is me, I'm a victim" kind of people. We don't want anyone in our ward to know so don't tell any of them. We just don't want everyone feeling sorry for us. Oh Wait!!! What about cookies? Or brownies? Hey!!!! Maybe I should get that "sorry" thing going! I could score!!!!

I did come out of the closet with my coke drinking to Homer the raw food freak! Nothing like a good medical scare to put life and diet coke drinking in perspective. Gotta love Heavenly Father's sense of humor!!! grateful for friends who brought Cafe Rio and Red Mango, And really grateful for Homer and his strength. Don't tell him, but I could never do this without him! Really grateful for a loving God who is always there for me and keeps me in line.

Love you guys, I will be lurking so don't talk smack about me behind my back!!!

BYU game tomorrow night!!! Guess who will NOT be there??!!! Oh yeah...He does have a sense of humor...