Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Got In Trouble For Telling A Lie...

Since Crash called me a bigfatliar and said Shoe Girl was cuter and skinner than me, I thought I would make it up to her. People who REALLY know me just expect everything I say is a lie, but since I have never been to Hawaii and she won't let me stay with her when I got to Happy Valley I thought I would make it up to her. Just so she knows that I am not giving back her play list!

OK quilty friends!! If you guys even knew how funny that was because none of my real quilty friends even read this bog they just read all of yours 'cuz secretly they hate me. So Sherri, please tell all of your quilter friends which covers about half of the world you stinkin' over achiever you!!! (Really she is an unbelievable quilter AND has a clean organized sewing room, so I secretly hate her!)

I don't know how to do a linky thingy. No one will tell me how to do it because they don't want to link to their blogs but I do know how to add a gadget! I have a new one to The Magic Quilt! Click on over and maybe if you all donate (and I'll bet they could use some quilts too) Maybe Miss Soon To Be Author will be my friend again.

Yes! I will bring fabric to the next game and maybe I can talk April and Shelle into going with me!!!

We will just call this my Eagle Project!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Journey From Bitterness to Forgiveness...for CRASH!!!

Well sorry to say this whole problem started with Jack Johnson. Yes good old JJ. Crash(insert linky thingy here. Someone please e-mail me and tell me how to do it)! Anyway...Crash had a contest for JJ tickets in SLC and I must have entered 50 times and I did NOT win!!! How could that be? Seriously Crash...I think it was rigged. Some other sweet soul won but she is an innocent victim in all of this unless she is Crash's BFF and I just don't know about it.

I was so unset about it that I could not even sleep at night with such hard feels. I mean really. Does she kick puppies? Does she text and drive at the same time? Does she? Who would not let me win?

I tried so hard to figure out a way to get back at her but realized that it was just too much work to be mad so I decided to forgive her and the blessings just started to flow. Yes! Hallelujah! It does pay to take that high road! My ex-SIL Shoe Girl called...

Oh Yeah!!! Michael Buble'!!!

15th row...front and center!!!

Now if I was petty and completely a wicked woman I would say nanny nanny!!!
But of course I would never do that.
This is me and Shoe Girl. Don't let looks fool you, I am the slutty one. And she is making me look fatter than I really am.

I really hate going places with her. Yes she is fun and stuff, but she does get gawked at, stared and drooled at, women despise her and she has even been stalked with me there. Seriously. We had to call the cops. I was throwing myself at that dang stalker and he still wanted her!

Well soon as you apologize to me and tell me how jealous you are that I got to see Michael Buble', (I like to call him Michael Bubble because it freaks McFly out. It gets her every time! She yells at me! "Mom! It's not Bubble. It's Buble')! then Crash and only then will my journey be complete. And...why won't he come to Vegas anyway? Does he think we are all sinners and big fat liars? Well maybe we are. About Crash anyway. That sweet spirit her.

Speaking of McFly she finally saw all 3 Back To The Future's. I told her that is where we got her nick name from. She didn't get it. And there we are.

If Crash ever speaks to me again because I'm a big rude to her, I will tell her that me and my BFF's are going to bring her a booty load of fabric for her Magic Quilt. (insert linky thingy here) I have lots of quilter friends you know.
And forgiveness is a wonderful thing.