Sunday, March 29, 2009

Phoenix Trip

OK...Kristina P., here I am updating...(check out her blog, it's freakin' funny but don't tell her I said that, she gets a big head...and she hates Edward...and I finally saw the movie and I did like it although I will never admit to it. Wheelchair boy watched it 4 times in 2 I am now an expert on it and I have to say I am a James fan...he likes to play with his food and so do I!!!
It has been a LLLOOOONNNGGGGG week...I jacked my back up and was laid up for a couple of days and still had to help my Ma move to her new apartment. (insert whine here), then we went to Phoenix to see Princess PePe and The Boy.
As we were in the car I was taking pics, trying to get to know my camera. This is part of the new ya think ya want to drive over this when it is done?

NOt looking so safe to me!!


More creepy?

Great sculpture
Look how much to water line has dropped!
Wheelchair Boy in the front I not supposed to be second in command?

McFly in the very back. We got a new Durango with 3 seats so I wouldn't have to sit with her (Miss OCD)!! She was STILL trying to rearrange my seat and put everything up with me so her area would be clean!
When we got to Glendale, or where ever we were, Baby Mama and the kids met us at the motel and we went to Peter Piper Pizza (kid's choice),

and me being the good grammy that I am...had to deal with it!

Chicken Nuggets (pretty good too) 'cause The Boy "I don't like pizza, I only like chicken nuggets"...

Nasty Pizza

The Boy coming out of the play tunnels

All I could think about was all of the germs, snot, and who knows what on all of the toys! It was really creeping me out! How often do you think they clean those things?

Wheelchair Boy dong what he always does, respecting his MaMa!
After we ate we went to the high class toy store Wal-Mart to take the kids birthday shopping. When they turn 3, we take them to the store and what ever they can carry to the register, they get to keep. We do it at 3 because they haven't quite figured out the electronics department yet.

The Boy got 2 monster cars and a big wheel

Princess PePe's birthday was the week before, so she got herself a princess bike

She rode her bike through the store (only a grandma would let a kid do that!) and he pushed his goods down the isle while we video taped it!

This is our very nice checker-outer lady!

Homer was trying to put the big wheel together with no tools...The Boy was so excited and so patient...a trait he did NOT get from his father...

Can you believe how many extra parts they put in boxes of toys? I tried to tell Homer that I think they went somewhere, but NNNOOOOOOOO!!!

The kids stayed in the motel with us, he talks in his sleep and fell off the bed twice without waking up and PePe snores...

Look at this!!! Ramada Inn! This is our shower in the handicap room! And it leaked all night long!
I took a shower with flip flops on.

Princess PePe had a soccer game and Baby Mama is getting her ready

Wheelchair Boy is so excited!

Homer tried to get her on the field and she would not go and play! She is so stubborn!

The Boy was happy!

Here I am trying to pay her to play...

She did go out and cheer in the end!
After that we went and saw Monster's vs Aliens...too funny! I highly recommend it for kids and adults...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Road Trip

I have been on a road trip, I had to go to Utah to a funeral, Mrs Hayes a teacher I had a kabillion years ago. She was a Home Ec teacher and I really loved that woman! We had a class once about birth defects and drugs and big mouth me piped up and said,
"I would love to have a handicapped child, I hope I have one!"
Well, as we all know...that one came back to bite me in the butt!
I have thought about her everyday for 22 years and called an old friend about a month ago and found out she had moved to Vernal, Utah. I never did get her address...I wanted to write and tell her how much she meant to me, how much of an impact she has had on my life and I never did! So...if any of you have anyone in your life like that write that note NOW!!!
Here are a couple of my old friends, with psycho sister on the left Wranglers no less.
I had to drive 2 days in an extremely SMALL SUV, and it got smaller by the minute! I told Homer that I was going to kill her and bury her body off the side of the road! I thought about it, but I did not want to be in prison with with my relatives!

We did have to stop at every Maverick convenience store on the way up to find me a new White Trash Cup. It is a nice bright orange, it's the one on the far left. It's a nice 52 ouncer...
The big one is 120 ouncer! It is very white trash and I got it in Logandale is any of you all want one. I tried to find a bright green one 'cause Teta has one and I have to copy her, I'm just sayin'...
Last week Wheelchair boy and I went with Teta to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, they are here in Vegas! I will post on it later, the big reveal is tomorrow and he was invited...I just get to go because I am the driver! He watches every episode on every channel so we watch it several times a day. It was pretty exciting for him, therefore...exciting for me!
So write that note to someone you love and I will never get all sappy on you again...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pity Party is Over!!

Well, I've been on a pity party for 2 weeks now and no one is feeling sorry for me but me! Teta and Nuts both told me to suck it up and get over myself, so I did. Well, I didn't but I'm saying I did. I finally finished Shoe Girl's cabinet! My mom hates it , she said it still looks old! I tried to explain to her that that was the point!

This is our white trash yard. We pulled our dead tree out and planted 2 semi dead trees in it's place.

My daffodils came up!!!

We put in a new walk way for all of our white trash friends that constantly walk on our dead lawn. How rude! Do you notice how straight it is not?

These are our stupid white trash dogs! All they do is eat, drool, and bark!

Someday we will fix up this side of our yard, so you see Moby peeing on everything? I hate it!Good thing the Yorkie keeps those Mastiffs in line!
Maybe we will get the Christmas in the attic tonight...oh wait! Is there ANY kind of a game on tonight? Cause if there is... nothing will get done!
I did get tagged by my EX-EBFF Farm girl, so let me figure out how to get all my Jacks on that island and I will be there honey!!!
P.S. Denial is still working for me...