Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things that make me smile!

OK...things that make me smile...hummmmmm...I got nothin'!

No really...I'm trying to make myself think of things that make me smile so I will not feel sorry for myself. goes!

Walking out of that dreadful hospital and smelling the thick fragrance of Jasmine in the air.

Pulling up to a red light, made at everyone and hearing "I Am A Child Of God" coming from the car next to me and seeing a cute little Mexican lady singing at the top of her lungs. Life is good.

Seeing brand new babies leaving the hospital...and knowing I get to sleep all night! HAHAHA

Getting a texted photo from The Princess who just lost her first tooth! I told Baby Momma she needed 10 bucks for that one!

Well that is all I have right now. WB has been in ICU for over 3 weeks now but is getting better!
I have gained about a million pounds but I got my new Jack Johnson download yesterday so all is right with the world.

I have not been reading every one's post lately, I should have...KP can always make me laugh! If anything great of very bad has happened, good for you or I am sorry which ever is more appropriate. Hopefully we will be coming home on Sunday and I can get back to quilting and wasting my days reading about yawl's exciting lives.

School is out and as you all know I am not the nice kind of mother that LOVES having kids home for the summer. The only thing good about it is that I get to sleep in. Of course I can get a nice slave girl out of it. See? There is good in everything.