Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry After Christmas!

Two of my nieces Soccer Girl and High Strung Girl
This is our Christmas Tree this year! Homer wouldn't get Army Guy's golf clubs out of the living room so I just decorated them!

Homer and The Boy getting ready for S'Mores




Love em!!

McFly and her cousin

Wheelchair Boy and Ramon, Ramon got baptized 2 wks ago and is doing great!


Lil Miss Shoes and Demo

Headcase and my fav Deadhead!

Princess PePe

Me and The Boy
Well Merry Christmas everyone! This was our Christmas Eve party this year that every year we swear we will never do again! Darn those kids!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sappy Sunday

I'm trying to get ready for Christmas, but first the LV Bowl game this Saturday. SOMEBODY planned our ward Christmas Party during the game! Is the church still true? Someone please tell me! Well it is a no-brainer where we will be! McFly asked where she was going during the game and I told her where ever I can pawn her off. I am such a good mother!

We had Princess PePe and The Boy over night on Friday...they sure make life worth living

Now that football is over, we have nothing to look forward to each weekend. We are sooo glad that Wheelchair Boy has been healthy enough to go to the games every week. It has been almost a year and a half since he has been in the hospital.

This is my really cute niece who made us feel so welcome and loved at all of the games...She is genuinely one the the sweetest girls that I know! (Ignore the guy with her!)

Wanted to say thanks to Texas & T for letting us and the family mooch off of them for every football game this year...
We will get through this week and be happy about it. I will try to get the rest of Christmas up this week. Anyone up for a service project?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tamale Thursday

Well, Crazy Cousin ragged on me to blog so here I am...I went to St. George on Sunday afternoon and Monday to a quilt day with friends. Sunday my BFF Teta and I layed around in our motel room in our jammies and read magazines. A much needed rest!

It is so great that I never finished taking my Christmas down last year, so now it it half way up already!!! (does anyone notice how my glass is half full)? THAT doesn't happen very often...

My Christmas shopping is done and I am trying to finish making aprons (my latest obsession) for my Ames and her fam...

Ok, so, let me go all Mormon on ya all and tell you who grateful I am to ya all for pulling me through me meltdown about He-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless. I appreciate your endless patience with all my crying and whining. I feel better thanks to you and thanks for not letting me hurt anybody!!!

It is so hard being the Queen!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gotta Love Mondays!

Nothing new since Thanksgiving, but Jen says I have to update this thing...It's Monday and I didn't kill anyone this weekend so my happy pills must be working! We did nothing but play on Scooters' Wii, it has been so much fun...Wheelchair Boy said "Can we ask Santa for a Wii?" And I said ask him when he comes in here (speaking of Homer) and Wheelchair Boy said "Not that Santa the other one!" Hummm...does he still believe? We his sooo funny! The other day he was playing football on PS3 ( he still kicks with that 1 finger!) and he beat Uncle Juan (again) and Jaun said "Someday I'll beat you!" and Wheelchair Boy said "I will be dead, resurrected and walking around this house and you still won't be able to beat me!" Oh he makes me giggle...