Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sappy Sunday

I'm trying to get ready for Christmas, but first the LV Bowl game this Saturday. SOMEBODY planned our ward Christmas Party during the game! Is the church still true? Someone please tell me! Well it is a no-brainer where we will be! McFly asked where she was going during the game and I told her where ever I can pawn her off. I am such a good mother!

We had Princess PePe and The Boy over night on Friday...they sure make life worth living

Now that football is over, we have nothing to look forward to each weekend. We are sooo glad that Wheelchair Boy has been healthy enough to go to the games every week. It has been almost a year and a half since he has been in the hospital.

This is my really cute niece who made us feel so welcome and loved at all of the games...She is genuinely one the the sweetest girls that I know! (Ignore the guy with her!)

Wanted to say thanks to Texas & T for letting us and the family mooch off of them for every football game this year...
We will get through this week and be happy about it. I will try to get the rest of Christmas up this week. Anyone up for a service project?


The Sorensen Family said...

i love your blog and a am truly proud of you for starting. get my loser mom on top of it. those grandbabies are beautiful.

The Scott Family said...

Hey-this is Claire (Jason's wife). We are up checking blogs and found you! It will be fun to keep up with you better and not just see you coming and going at the school. ;)