Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry After Christmas!

Two of my nieces Soccer Girl and High Strung Girl
This is our Christmas Tree this year! Homer wouldn't get Army Guy's golf clubs out of the living room so I just decorated them!

Homer and The Boy getting ready for S'Mores




Love em!!

McFly and her cousin

Wheelchair Boy and Ramon, Ramon got baptized 2 wks ago and is doing great!


Lil Miss Shoes and Demo

Headcase and my fav Deadhead!

Princess PePe

Me and The Boy
Well Merry Christmas everyone! This was our Christmas Eve party this year that every year we swear we will never do again! Darn those kids!


Jen said...

I will kill you dead if you ever think of not having it!!

The Scott Family said...

Merry After Christmas! Awesome tree!

The Sorensen Family said...

You make me giggle so glad you have a blog when are we going to get princess pepe and upcoming mini queen cheryl together????