Monday, January 5, 2009

Come Again Monday!!!

Back to school....Yeah!!! I thought I was going to kill myself! It has been a long holiday and for those of you who don't think that I am capable of taking down is down! It has only been up for going on two years! So there you are...down and ALL the boxes up in the attic, even the ones on the back patio!!!

So, I just want to say how much I loathe Ames. She has turned into my mother! Who else can dig the guilt into your bones with a blunt object, making the pain last a week...or so!
Ames and her stupid new year rez's or however you spell it!? So guilt me on Ames!!!!

My goals for this year will be minimal because with my life I have to take one day at a time so that I don't get too stressed and go all Santa-at-a-Christmas-Eve-Party on everyone! (don't think I didn't think about it!)

I decided that I would set a goal of trying to wash my face every night. Lame huh? Well it's hard for me!!! I'm old you know!

Next...I am going to go on a budget...I gotta...Homer is stressed so I am stressed.

Then...I will try and finish 4 quilts this year...not much I know but big for me since I am a starter and a... finisher? Not so much...

And the same ol' same ol'...I need to be more spiritual! Me and TeTa are GOING to go to the shinden (that's temple in Japanese) once a month...we can do it punkin!!!! Then of course Homer and I will go once a month also...(WOW! I can feel myself rising up off the ground already!!!) BaaHH!!!

Don't you all roll your eyes at me!! My mama's will slap you!!!

Thanks for the SHOVE Ames...see you next weekend! Love you!


Amy Joy said...

Just for being RUDE you have to give me one of those quilts!

Amy Joy said...

AND don't think you are foolen' anyone with your rez. We know you are the best speller ever! AND don't come on my blog and point out that I am the worst speller ever!

Amy Joy said...

And good job Revan! Those are very ambitious goals