Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still a loser Tuesday!

Well, I've been reading blogs this morning, yes, (I am a little addicted to them), but yet again I have learned something about myself. I am not very bright...I know, I know, you are all surprised, but it is true! I am not a proficient writer, babble a lot, and don't make much sense most of the time, and I don't have any give aways, but hey, menopause sucks, what can I say!

This year is flying by already so here are some pics for all to see.

These are aprons Nuts made for us for Christmas...aren't they fab?

Homer, me, Teta and Jeb at the temple with Cuter Sister

Homer trying to tell Max how to play football

So glad my Bro made time for the trip!

McFly and Kinz

Taking my babies to church

Love these spoiled things!
Last week Baby Mama and the kids went to Phoenix for a couple of months to visit her sis, I will miss them so much!!
I also poked myself in the eye (told you I wasn't very bright), very painful and it bled but Homer LET me go to Pine Valley quilting anyway. Yes, yes, you all know how much I love that word LET, because I am a submissive wife, and he so graciously let me go!!! Isn't he a good patriarch?
On the drive up, we got stuck in the snow, dang those Vegas tires, and Bon's hubby had to pull us out with a back hoe!!

The road!

Bon is busy sewing!

This is Bon's humble little so-called-cabin that we stayed in...about 5 times as big as our humble abode. She was a wonderful and gracious hostess! Thanks Bon!

I remember this little church in Pine Valley from when a was a little girl (long time ago), it hasn't changed a bit! I still love this historic building!
It was a great trip and later I will post pics of things I did not finish...'cause I am a starter and not a finisher!
Wheelchair Boy only called me 11 times, I couldn't get service and he was not happy that he couldn't talk to me...he doesn't really want me, he just likes all of us home all the time...


Amy Joy said...

That is a beautiful view. Every bit as beautiful as it is out here. I want to come home see you next weekend. My sweet, tall, brown, curly beauty looks great. I just can't call her McFly even if it fits:)

Andrea said...

Who cares about being bright when you have humor, wit, and good looks! Those are the important things...right??

And, the ironic thing is it takes quite a few brains to be funny and witty...sounds like to me, you have it all!

Jen said...

I love the post . I need some of those pics from the temple and I still need the 500 pics tommy took at christmas

Kristina P. said...

Ummm, you had me at Slutty House Mom.

And here's what I tell all the women who try to fight me for Jack. We will engage in a neck breaking with our legs contest, and see who wins.

You are going on my Reader.

The Sorensen Family said...

you crack me up! SO glad you got to go quilting. What did you make me??? And I loved those aprons. I need one for me, jocey and bella get on that please. love you.

Deanna said...

Love the aprons!!!!! Hope you had fun at the cabin...of course how could younot have fun!