Tuesday, February 10, 2009

White Trash Tuesday

Spring is coming to my house!
Anyways, we are once again officially white trash! You know, after 27 years of marriage, I have gotten used to growing the wheatgrass...one my window sills, in my fridge, even in my oven, but look at the faucet in the kitchen!

It was broken at the Sunday night widow's dinner,

(this is the start of Homer's wheatgrass)

THIS!!! This is what Homer did to my faucet until the part comes 'cause he was too cheap to buy a new one!!! Oh yeah...white trash at it's best! I got the white trash big dogs, white trash yard, blah, blah, blah...this is what I get for living in a trailer at BYU (married student housing), and they tore it down so I have no proof that it was student housing!
Last weekend we went to St. George for Juan's birthday bash and stayed one night at the Seven Wives Inn. (Thanks Miss Shoes!) It was great, and if you have never stayed there, you should sometime. The owners are a wonderful young couple and GREAT cooks. Be sure and have the baked oatmeal for breakfast...when Homer kicks, I want to marry the cook!

Julia Room...they are all named after the wives!

OK, so, I did have a seriously traumatic event happen to me.
Now, I am not a vain person, (OK, so yes I am, but...) I lost my make-up bag out of my purse somewhere around all those Mormons in St. George! Gone! Every lipstick, gloss and liner I owned...all M.A.C. I might add...so I am walking around looking dead! 50 and looking dead...never mind I am almost there, but it is a sin to look it...like I don't have enough problems as it is...


Kristina P. said...

I was in St George recently. Sorry. I didn't know the bag was yours.

Brian said...

Hey there Cari! I've missed you. I can't believe how grown up Grace looks and Ky and Homer of course!! You look beautiful as ever, I need not say, I know:) Since you're reading blogs...read ours thehoutfamily.blogspot.com. Have you been in touch with Crystal Groneman lately??

Brian said...

K...by the way, Brian did not just tell you he missed you and you're beautiful. I didn't know his name would show up on MY comment. =)

Mrs Parks said...

You had me at the new faucet.

I heart you.

Princess Danell said...

I bet they stole your MAC. It's contraban there , ya know.