Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home is a Wonderful Thing!

After 6 long weeks...we are home and WB is alive and well! OK, he is alive...and slowly getting well. It is great to be getting back to normal, even though Rader Normal is...well...NOT normal.

I would really like to thank my momma for coming through for us and picking up the slack at home, picking up McFly from school and keeping her from burning the house down or being arrested.

I have been reading you all, maybe not leaving comments, but laughing just the same. I love you guys!

We are going to the BYU v TCU game this weekend come hell or high water!!! It will be my first game of the year, so Max better come through for us! Let me know if any of you are going so we can hug and stuff.

Teta...sorry your daddy passed away, I love you so much!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Game Day!

Yes it is game day for BYU vs. Utah St. Once again I miss it while Homer watches it at home. I will be in the hospital with WB. Wasted tickets...again! Good luck Max and Dennis!

Homer was with WB at the hospital Monday night and they were watching football. The nurse left to get the boy some juice and Homer ran after her to see if she would get him some ice water. He came back in the room and on the TV was Independence Day.

Homer: "What happened to the game"? (As he sits down in the chair and sets his 64oz. white trash mug on the night stand).

Old Lady: "Well, are you comfortable"?

He was in the wrong room!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! He said he was sorry to her and ran out and found our room!!! Then he realized he had forgotten his white trash cup and had to go back and get it!!!!! That gave me a good laugh and WB game out of his drugged stupor to giggle!!!

I would like to thank The Hamster for bringing me Diet Coke, I was trying to save it 'cause she put a pretty bow and flowers on it, I wanted to take a photo of it but I could not wait. Thank you soul sister!!!

We are back in ICU and I hate it in there. Can't have cell phones so I text incognito. I'm sure they don't notice. Luckily we have been blessed with great nurses who keep my boy alive and drugged. Gotta love good drugs!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend, I think our weather is in the 90's now. I wouldn't know, haven't seen the light of day in 5 weeks. Last weekend my SIL Shoe Girl came and spent the days with WB so I could have a rest. Life Saver!!! I slept for 2 days... Love you all, and thanks for all the prayers!