Friday, August 21, 2009

THAT Woman?

When did I become THAT woman? And yes, I do use the term woman loosely.

When did I become THAT woman with the bratty, irreverent kids in church?
When did I become THAT woman who is not as spiritual as she once was? Or the woman who spends more time plucking the hair on her chin than styling the hair on her head?

When did I become THAT woman who can't make it through life without her "happy pills" or she is afraid the bodies will pile up in the backyard?

WHO IS THAT FAT WOMAN STARING BACK AT ME IN THE MIRROR???!!! When did I become my mother? (NO.....I did NOT say you were fat mom...)

When did I become THAT cynical, angry woman? Or the mother of a drug dealer facing 20 years? When did I start crying or laughing at the most inappropriate times? And WHERE in the helk did this muffin top come from???

Today is my 27th anniversary!!! What would I do without the greatest thing that has ever happened to me? Does he roll over in the morning and say to himself..."When did I marry THAT woman?" Well...we both are going to have to suck it up!!! No he did not sign up for the wrinkles and mean mom eyebrow line... but hey! Neither did I! When he decides to fork out for the plastic surgeon, botox, and looney bin...not to mention a housekeeper...then we will chat...till then, we are both stuck with me!!

P.S. Hamster...I bought you a present! I bought you a present! (I'm singing that)

Thursday, August 13, 2009 we come!

We are going on a short little vaycay tonight...going to watch a little BYU fall practice and Homer is going to golf and I will help my friend Texas do some projects around her house while WB watches TV and bosses us around. Texas has been our friend since WB was born, so she spoils him rotten and he loves it! (Kind of a break for me!)

So I hope all goes well...WB has been sick this week but is better now. I hope we don't have a hospital stint up there. He does love to go to the games and practices!

So...I know you will all be glad you don't have to hear my sarcastic comments for the next couple of days...maybe I'll find a 'puter and stalk ya all anyway!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Baaack!

Well I just got back from 6...count 'em 6 WONDERFUL days at Brianhead in a great cabin with 4 other great our jammies and sewing our butts off from 7:00 am till midnight-ish! Eat and sew that is all we did! HA Kritta!

It was alot of fun and I will post photos when I get the is hard work sitting all day!!

One day me and Con Bon Jovi were taking the garbage out and there were 3 drunk guys watching us. We had 2 huge bags apiece (we cleaned out the fridge) so I told the guys that our friend ticked us off...hehehe!!! Then I told them NEVER mess with menopausal women! HAHAHAHAHAHA....they were speechless....

Wheelchair Boy couldn't live without me, but only called about 8-20 times a day...

Mcfly flew back to Ar-kin-saw to meet her bio grandparents and motor home through the states for a few weeks before school starts.

I was lounging around yesterday, and Mean/Cute Sister made me walk with her, with the promise of Red Mango (she tricked me!) and Homer is making me do a Raw Foods Detox with him!!! I know! He is mean too! I am allergic to almost all raw fruits and veggies...maybe he is trying to kill me off!

I really missed you guys...and is EVERYBODY moving?