Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still a loser Tuesday!

Well, I've been reading blogs this morning, yes, (I am a little addicted to them), but yet again I have learned something about myself. I am not very bright...I know, I know, you are all surprised, but it is true! I am not a proficient writer, babble a lot, and don't make much sense most of the time, and I don't have any give aways, but hey, menopause sucks, what can I say!

This year is flying by already so here are some pics for all to see.

These are aprons Nuts made for us for Christmas...aren't they fab?

Homer, me, Teta and Jeb at the temple with Cuter Sister

Homer trying to tell Max how to play football

So glad my Bro made time for the trip!

McFly and Kinz

Taking my babies to church

Love these spoiled things!
Last week Baby Mama and the kids went to Phoenix for a couple of months to visit her sis, I will miss them so much!!
I also poked myself in the eye (told you I wasn't very bright), very painful and it bled but Homer LET me go to Pine Valley quilting anyway. Yes, yes, you all know how much I love that word LET, because I am a submissive wife, and he so graciously let me go!!! Isn't he a good patriarch?
On the drive up, we got stuck in the snow, dang those Vegas tires, and Bon's hubby had to pull us out with a back hoe!!

The road!

Bon is busy sewing!

This is Bon's humble little so-called-cabin that we stayed in...about 5 times as big as our humble abode. She was a wonderful and gracious hostess! Thanks Bon!

I remember this little church in Pine Valley from when a was a little girl (long time ago), it hasn't changed a bit! I still love this historic building!
It was a great trip and later I will post pics of things I did not finish...'cause I am a starter and not a finisher!
Wheelchair Boy only called me 11 times, I couldn't get service and he was not happy that he couldn't talk to me...he doesn't really want me, he just likes all of us home all the time...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Totally Loser Tuesday

Why am I such a big loser when it comes to being GREEN? Why can't I recycle? Why can't I stop the wastefulness as in garbage? I watched that Oprah episode on waste! I do really well for about a month then I get tired of all the dishes and then go back to the paper plates...I crush my cans for about 2 months and then just through them away...I am burning my paper stuff in the fireplace, but then again, doesn't that hurt the air quality? I can not handle this much stress! It is all too much for my little pea brain to handle...

Why am I such a loser! Isn't it enough that I try so hard to be spiritual, like I'm not already failing at that! I'm trying to be a good mormon mommy, strike #2, I'm trying to be a good sister, strike #3, loser! Shall we go on to 4, 5,.....on and on and on!!!

No I'm not on a pity party just hyperventilating about my ungreenness!!! I mean really, I still buy water in plastic bottles! Landfills are filled with my diapers of...like forever now!

I know that it is baby steps, but come on, really, how hard can it be? Why does my psycho brain complicate things for me??

Monday, January 5, 2009

Come Again Monday!!!

Back to school....Yeah!!! I thought I was going to kill myself! It has been a long holiday and for those of you who don't think that I am capable of taking down Christmas...it is down! It has only been up for going on two years! So there you are...down and ALL the boxes up in the attic, even the ones on the back patio!!!

So, I just want to say how much I loathe Ames. She has turned into my mother! Who else can dig the guilt into your bones with a blunt object, making the pain last forever...like a week...or so!
Ames and her stupid new year rez's or however you spell it!? So guilt me on Ames!!!!

My goals for this year will be minimal because with my life I have to take one day at a time so that I don't get too stressed and go all Santa-at-a-Christmas-Eve-Party on everyone! (don't think I didn't think about it!)

I decided that I would set a goal of trying to wash my face every night. Lame huh? Well it's hard for me!!! I'm old you know!

Next...I am going to go on a budget...I gotta...Homer is stressed so I am stressed.

Then...I will try and finish 4 quilts this year...not much I know but big for me since I am a starter and a... finisher? Not so much...

And the same ol' same ol'...I need to be more spiritual! Me and TeTa are GOING to go to the shinden (that's temple in Japanese) once a month...we can do it punkin!!!! Then of course Homer and I will go once a month also...(WOW! I can feel myself rising up off the ground already!!!) BaaHH!!!

Don't you all roll your eyes at me!! My mama's will slap you!!!

Thanks for the SHOVE Ames...see you next weekend! Love you!