Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Totally Loser Tuesday

Why am I such a big loser when it comes to being GREEN? Why can't I recycle? Why can't I stop the wastefulness as in garbage? I watched that Oprah episode on waste! I do really well for about a month then I get tired of all the dishes and then go back to the paper plates...I crush my cans for about 2 months and then just through them away...I am burning my paper stuff in the fireplace, but then again, doesn't that hurt the air quality? I can not handle this much stress! It is all too much for my little pea brain to handle...

Why am I such a loser! Isn't it enough that I try so hard to be spiritual, like I'm not already failing at that! I'm trying to be a good mormon mommy, strike #2, I'm trying to be a good sister, strike #3, loser! Shall we go on to 4, 5,.....on and on and on!!!

No I'm not on a pity party just hyperventilating about my ungreenness!!! I mean really, I still buy water in plastic bottles! Landfills are filled with my diapers of...like forever now!

I know that it is baby steps, but come on, really, how hard can it be? Why does my psycho brain complicate things for me??


The Scott Family said...

YOU are hilarious! Glad to know I'm not the only one that has a list of failures! You have one great sense of humor!

Deanna said...

It was so fun to check my blog and find a little note from you. I've thought of you often ( I just spent three years in YW) I'm so glad we found each other and can keep in touch again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah blogging!!!

The Sorensen Family said...

I think recycling can be frustrating because i do not like taking each and everything out to the recycling bins so finally i got another trash can for recycle. It actually works. Yeah. You are on crack though you are the most dedicated mom i know do not even get me started. so stop it now!!!! love you

TeTa and JeB said...

Why don't
you call yourself a loser just a few more time