Monday, March 29, 2010

Missed you guys!!!

I have been MIA for like, forever and I have missed you guys! This has been a very long year already and it is only March!!!

My WB has had it rough this year, and we have requested that they just put a zipper in his head. 125 surgeries and counting. I hope this last one takes. I really hate to see him in pain (if you do the migraine thing, think of that 24/7), so we just might have to take him out to the north 40.

Let's see...what else...Oh!! I had my grand babies for a week during AZ Spring Break! It was great and VERY exhausting! How can something so cute be so much work? I had allergies something fierce due to our 70-80 degree weather. Take that you northerners!!!

OK, now McFly...that girl...! They had a lesson at Young Women's about hygiene and not wearing too much make-up and they taught them how to put it on so they didn't look like sluts. Well McFly is only 12 and me being the mean mother that I am, I don't let her wear make-up, just lip gloss. She came home and told me all about it and I walked in the kitchen and got a snack, and she proceeded to rob me blind. Yes ladies, she stole my MAC make-up and brushes!!! Now you all know how I feel about my MAC costs more than my house! And yes I hoard it!

The next day I'm looking for my blush and it is not to be found! I asked her about it and of course she denied it...several times. Homer finally (after 2 days) told her no questions asked and no consequences just bring it back. I went in and talked to her and she told me (accidentally) where her hiding place was and got me my stuff.

Next day, after she went to school I looked in her hiding place and what did I find? Not only our extra cell phone that she is not allowed to use without permission, but she had been texting on it. AND....there was a red lace negligee!!! I almost thew up!!! I had no idea where it came from and all kinds of things were going through my mind. Then Homer came home and I went through my "nightie" drawer and found the panties for the red lace item and was thrilled that it was mine. Yes I have so many of them that I can't keep track. But that is also the drawer I hide drugs in!!! Not bad drugs, good drugs!!!

Well, we have installed bio fingerprint locks and keypads on our bedroom door and my sewing room which is another favorite invasion place of hers. Lucky me. Adoption anyone? I think I will go make an apron...