Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gotta get Better!

Well I was going to wow you all with great photos of life at the Rader's, but SOMEONE crashed my computer (mom!) and we have been waiting for my computer guy to restore everything. I keep telling him I need my favorites back!!! It is kinda scary how much we depend on a computer and store everything on it and when it crashes...I really want to kill people!!!

I had some great photos, especially the one of McFly when she shaved her eyebrows on her 12th birthday no less!! Yup...shaved from the top down and the sides off. I was so MAD I really wanted to beat the livin' daylights out of her but I guess looking stupid was punishment enough. Sad thing was...she didn't think it looked that bad! Seriously...was she adopted or what? That is such a Rader thing...not a Hall thing of course.

WB has been sick for a couple of weeks so I have been sequestered to the house leaving only to teach Relief Society because I am such a spiritual giant!!!!! Oh I kill myself sometimes I am so funny!!!! Hey it was my goal to become more spiritual this year and it is not working out so well for me. I do WANT it, I just gotta WORK for it.

I realize these are random ramblings but I finally saw Julie And Julia. I also wanted to be all positive and write something fetching everyday...but we can all see how that worked out for me also. Oh yeah, great year for me so far huh?

I have set a goal to finish what I start! My good friend Saint Colly is the most organized, talented, finishing, perfectionist I have ever met.Gee, that made sense didn't it? Yes...she annoys the crap out of me because we are at far different ends of the spectrum (yes...she is a spiritual saint) but she is the type that makes you feel good and worthwhile when you are with her and she does inspire me! So...I am going to finish 2 quilts before I start another one, Yea me.

As for inspiration, you all inspire me to laugh at myself (and others), be happy, and do my best...because that is what I see all of you doing. So funny and so talented...just trying to make it through another day just like me. So Julie...bite me! I can not cook like Julia although I love her, and I can't commit to doing something cool like you everyday except to not kill anyone. That is as good as it gets my friend.