Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

OK Ames, this blog is for you...I shall try and be positive and happy and not let everyone know how pathetic my life really is...So, gratitude is the work of the day. Hummmm, what can I say? I guess I am grateful that I am not dead, Wheelchair boy is not in the hospital, and McFly has only gotten in trouble once today! Homer is in a good mood, (Homer is ALWAYS in a good mood), Scooter and his family were only 2 hours late for thanksgiving dinner! At least they showed up. The babies: Princess PePe and The Boy were on their best behavior as always...of course I think that they are perfect! Whinny and high maintenance, but they have a great mom!

Sweet boy with his Favorite aunt!!!

My Sistas! Psycho
Sister and Cute Sister

My first time playing with a Wii!

Slightly competitive?
But hey, look at that chicken neck!

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Amy Joy said...

I LOVE IT! Your sarcasim is going to make my everyday. We LOVE, LOVE you