Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only 55 Days ' til BYU Game Day!

Hey all! Well I am kind of back, Wheelchair Boy is out of the hospital, but he was sick again after 2 we have been doing mega doses of steroids to see if it blows his ventricles open. If it doesn't work, just kill me! This is a cool photo of his head after surgery. Peeps does a great job with his makes a quilter proud!
Well, only 55 days until the first BYU game! It will be in Dallas at their brand new stadium, BYU kickin' butt on Oklahoma! I was going to invite Hamster Chick to go and pay her way...but she did not invite me to go to the meet and greet in Provo, so she is a big loser!!! LOL
Last weekend we had a BBQ with my cute nephew Max and all of his in-laws. Now, I hate to brag...and I hate even worse to be a name dropper...but my nephew Max just happens to be the starting QB for BYU! Not only are we proud of him for that, but since he grew up in AZ., and we grew up in the hospital here, we missed most of the important events in his life, so we feel like since we went to BYU and love BYU, that we just as well make him think that we like him, so we support him and go to all of his games.
We really don't like him that much...he just has really good taste in women, and we love his wife! No really, he is a great guy and a really poor loser! Wheelchair Boy whipped his butt in Madden, and he cried!
Anyway, we had a great time a really fun dance off!

This is Kinz, Max's wife, doing her thing!
Kinz' mom...who is cute and SWEET (something I will NEVER be) used to own a dance studio, need I say more? Go Ness!

This is my mom, wearing my brand new apron from Anthro...doing I don't know what, but it was funny!!

Cute Sister doing her thing to "All The Single Ladies"...

Kinz' Baby talented and sweet!

Ness and her man Jerry (with goofy Pitta looking over his shoulder!)

Mom and Ness

How cute is their nephew!
Kinz' bro and his wife

Dennis and Mataya Pitta
(yes...he can smile, and yes...he is mean to me!)
Pitta thinks I am old and lets me know it!
Wheelchair Boy begged to come home from the hospital early so we could have that party. He loves Max and no matter how uncomfortable he gets, or how bad he is hurting, he sticks it out for his boys! Yes, we bleed blue! I team has always been great to him and I really appreciate that which brings me to the point that I am still bitter Bryan Keihl is getting married. So hot that boy!


Kristina P. said...

Those stitches look so painful!

And remember, we will see each other when you come up for a game. Right? Right?!??!

April said...

awwwww.....poor WCB! And just so you know, I am wiping the drool off the keyboard from my son and my hubby from you talking about Max & Dennis. I think they have a man-crush! hehehe!!!

Deanna said...

Looking at those stitches makes my head hurt. I hope he heals quickly and feels better soon. And I had no idea what a huge BYU fan you are!!!!

Tamber said...

I am so excited for football season...are you guys sitting in the same place this year? we hope we are next to you again. Emma was wondering when she gets a lemonade frozen drink from her BYU grandma. I dont think we have our tickets yet, but I will let you know if we are in the same place this year.

Max & McKinzi Hall said...

You're so sweet! Except how could you post that nasty picture of me!!! Ha ha, thanks again for having us over for that, we had so much fun and an even BIGGER thanks to you guys for taking care of our crazy dog all week! We love you so much! And can't wait for football season either!

Missy said...

Oh, the stitches!
The pics look great! Looks like a great bunch of dancers!

Melinda said...

I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!! You are so awesome and funny and AWESOME! Let's get together and have a dance party sometime okay?! (Except I want to know where the pictures of YOU dancing are?! Hmmmm?!)

. said...

So many comments. First of all, nice stitching dr. That will leave a beautiful scar! Secondly, D**n! Ness is the mother? She gave birth as a Beehive, right? Thirdly, I am JELLL-OUS of the BYU connection. Since I have not figured out how I am going to watch games this fall, I will look stupid yelling , "Go Coug!" , while reading the scores on the internet. How lame! I am going to give Big Daddy a challenge to hook us up. My kids already hate me because I sing ( and I use that term loosely) the BYU fight song when I want them to wake up for 8:30 am church. I am mean, but someday they'll appreciate it and maybe I can be cool like you. Do you go to lots/all of the home/Vegas games?

Sandra said...

Those are some stitches! Everyone in the photos are way too good looking, I mean really. Glad to have you back. I may be kicked out for this, but I don't like football. I'm ducking & running for cover!

TeTa and JeB said...

Great party, why wasn't I invited

TeTa and JeB said...
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Homer and Queen said...

Peeps knows I am picky about my stitches, trust me...they are perfectly straight!

KP, me you and Melinda, we WILL party!

Princess, can you believe Ness? Cute, skinny, tiny, petite, BEAUTIFUL daughters, and she is genuine-ly sweet...I heart her!!!

Kinz, love you!

Sandra, trust me on the goodlooking, now you know why I wasn't in the photo and not dancing!!!

Barbaloot said...

First off--I would name drop too if I had that came of name in my acquaintance!

Second--no way did I ever say you weren't gorgeous enough! Twisting my words when I'm not there to defend is no fair. I'm sure if you were there your smile would have been just as, if not MORE, gorgeous that the rest of ours:)

Homer and Queen said...

Barb, I am so jealous of the shoes!!! Now I have to lose weight, and get a face lift to keep up with you guys!!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

OK Queen, I think we are even now. I am thouroughly jealous of you. And I can't beleive you are going to Dallas. I am happy for you though. And April forget about the man crush, I have a full on girl crush. Of course I do have my picture with both of those guys. But still. Was this BBQ in Vegas? Because next time could you let me know, so I could stalk it properly. Thanks.

55 days seems like an eternity.

And why haven't we gotten together yet?

We could have our own Tim Tam Slam and make everyone else wish they were here. Hmmm. What about that?

Crazy Cousin said...

Yeah, I wasn't invited either!!!!!!!!! I woulda come and alone, too!!!