Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Brand New Year!!?

I have not posted since the beginning of November so this is going to be it in a nut shell.

November...well that was a trippy month. WB has been so sick this year I am at a loss. What do you do if there is nothing you can do? He is so miserable. We went back in the hospital with the usual shunt problems and then found the Mersa. Like he doesn't have enough to deal with? And his port-a-cath clogged up. The boy already has no veins!

My FIL passed away on December 1st. WB and I were in the hospital so we missed the funeral. Bummer. Although Grandpa did not like me anyways. Go figure. How could you not like me? I can see it if you are a normal person, but he HAS to like me. He is the only father I have had for the last 20 years. He was 86 years old and a great man and I tried to take care of him the best I could and he did appreciate that. He was always very polite and nice to me but...oh well. Bummer.

Because of WB being so sick I didn't do Christmas shopping until 3 days before Christmas. Thank goodness for internet shopping and BFF's that come for the day and put up my pathetic amount of Christmas decorations! I am getting rid of at least half of it this year. And yes it is still up in the house and will probably be up on 4th of July. Don't judge. Unless you all want to come and take it down with me. I'll even cook for you!

Christmas was crappy. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named has a b-day on Christmas Eve. Who gets arrested on Christmas Eve for ALLEGEDLY stealing a car? Who does that? On Christmas?!
I had to tell his kids the reason he wasn't with them was because he was feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen. Yes I am going to hell for lying to them but...oh well. They are only 4 and 6. They have their whole lives to find out about him.

I got some hate mail today asking me if I was still blogging. (JK Sissy!) I have wanted to but have been a little down lately. You know, the thing I love about getting old is that you don't have to have crappy friends. You get to weed out the high maintenance people in your life. I am so afraid that I am turning into THAT friend. YOu know the one with the black cloud over their head?

I am trying to be like KP. Always happy. I am very good about living in denial and popping the happy pills but after 133 surgeries on WB, it gets a little hard. I had to teach a RS lesson at church about gratitude. I am thankful for lots of things...a great husband, a convict, (yes he is still in jail), WB goes without saying, and a daughter who plagiarized her book report straight off the computer right after the principal gave them a 30 minute lecture about it the day before.
I blame the principal for it. I KNOW McFly did not come up with that on her own. The principal gave her the idea. Why should McFly get the F? I mean word for word! Cut and paste. Even left the highlighted words in there.

Yes...Mother of the Year. I really have it going on. No wonder my FIL hated me!


Anonymous said...

hate mail???? no,no,no oh my, NO

sissy here. blogger not cooperating again

Kristina P. said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm glad that you are still doing OK, relatively speaking. Thinking of you guys!

Melinda said...

I'm sorry, really I am. Life right now is hard, and its hard to be happy for other people when hard things are happening in your own life, its hard to see the good at all...alright, I would say more but I need to go beat my children who are flooding the bathroom playing in the sink!!! Those little jerks.

Garden of Egan said...

OK, that's it.
You officially have had enough!
Who do I talk to?

Sheesh! WB has had enough too. I have so many questions to ask when I get to heaven......or hellll (depending on how much I text during church, if ya know what I mean)

I hope 2011 is a better year all the way around.
I'd love to be Pollyanna and say that it couldn't get worse, but speaking from experience, I know better.
So in the meantime, pop some pills, drink brown bubbles and continue to get rid of high maintenence friends who suck the life out of you.

IF I come by there and have to take your decorations down, I want spaghetti!

Amy Joy said...

On the 4th of July I will help take down your decorations. It will be fun. Anyone who would "weed" you out does not deserve you.
Love you

Barbaloot said...

Gosh-so many things that you're dealing with right now! I'm so sorry! I'm with Garden of Egan. Who can we petition so you can have a break? I always marvel that some people seem to have so many more trials than others. A blog break is understandable, but you're in my reader so I'll always be back when you are:)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I think you are going to win an award for endurance. I know I am impressed. I wish there was something I could say, but like you said what can you do when there is nothing to do? I like Garden's comment. She said it all very well. So I suppose I will just say continue to breathe OK. LY girl.

Sherri said...

Oh my heart goes out to you...I will keep you in my prayers. On a lighter 15 year old son came home the other day and said, "Mom, do you know a lady named Carrie Rader?" I almost fell off my chair!!! Then he said, "Mom, did she make you an apron?" Come to find out, he goes to school with your niece...and somehow the connection was made...a small world I tell you!

Marilyn said...

Oh Mannnn.... Don't you just hate it when life blows :(
I know this sounds really phoney baloney, but I wish there was something I could do to help. I have had times in my life where I felt so overwhelmed it seemed like I didn't have time to breathe or the strength to do it so I have kind of an idea how you're feeling
Just know that everything you are doing is so worthwhile and no one can do it better than you ♡

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

SOOOOO good to see you post and let us know what's up!

Sorry about the bad news with WB. So sad and so undeserving.

I loved what you told his kids of why he wasn't there on Christmas Eve... I would have done the exact same!

And the person that doesn't like you!? Doesn't have a real soul :)

Love ya!

Deanna said...

Oh I am so sorry! I vote just leaving the decorations up til next year. It'll make next years decorating that much easier! Really wish I lived closer. All though, I ahve become a little high maintainace in my old age :). Take care of you! and have a diet coke on me.I don't know if that's your 'brand' but it always makes me feel better.

Missy said...

I am so glad to hear from you.
Sorry you have had such a sucky time!
Convict was not stealing, he was borrowing the car...
FIL was just in a bad mood, he loved you very much...
McFly is a genius and I cannot believe she received an F!
Just leave the decorations, less work for next year!!!
Please don't weed me out!!!

Delena said...

I am at a loss for words. Life is just not fair is it. Hang in there and hopefully postively good things will happen to you soon.

April said...

Have you cried, "Uncle" yet? Well, it hasn't worked for me either. So we can just whine at each other. But you would win. :) Love ya! And IF you decorations are still up that last week in January, and IF you are willing to come pick me up from downtown Vegas, I will take them down for you. Drew had a seminar for a couple of days and I am going with him! :)