Friday, June 26, 2009

I got an Award!!!

I got an award from Sandra at feel so lucky!! I wish I could figure out how to put it on my side bar but I am side bar retarded. The rules are, I have to tell seven things about myself, I think seven things that nobody knows, and send this to seven people.

Well the problem is my life is pretty much an open book, I do have a big mouth and just say it, so I will try and make something up, then it is up to you to figure out is it is a lie or not! (hee hee hee)! Here goes:

1. I lost about 135 lbs. a couple of years ago. Yes a was a really fat girl, now I am just a fat girl!

2. I do not have a lot of self confidence...for example: my Psycho Sister told me a quilt I was making was the ugliest thing she had ever seen! I put it down and never picked it up again. That was two years ago! I had 3 rows to sew on to finish it. Well I did finish it this week and it is beautiful! Why do I do that?

3. I am a CSI, Forensic Files, anything to do with that kind of stuff. I feel a need to know there are people out there who have crappy lives too!

4. I worry way too much, so I don't watch the news. If I do, I can't sleep. If someone gets killed in a car wreck, I stress over it and their families. Ironic huh? (see #3) "TV" doesn't seems as real as the news to me. Also, this is one of the 100 reasons the bishop would never make me R.S. Prez., I would die of a heart attack worrying about other people.

5. I weed high maintenance people out of my life... (See #2) I don't need mean thoughtless people in my life...I've got family to do that.

6. I could never live without my Homer. Don't tell him I said that because he thinks if he dies on me I will marry either Jack Bauer or Jack Sparrow immediately. And if he leaves me, he's taking the kids!

7. Deep down, I am a spiritual person, but don't like people to know it. Hard shell, Soooo much better!

OK, not many people that are close to me (as in proximity) read this except Cute Sister and Crazy Cousin, and they already know what a fruitcake I am, so do NOT tell anyone about this!!! Especially #7, because I swear I will deny it!


So here are my 7 people...(drum roll please!):

Banter, Buffoonery & Bloggy Blather
it's not as easy as it looks
Kingdom of the Princess
The (Trailer) Parks Farm
Protect & Provide
Is It Just Me?

I tried to pick people that have not been chosen before, this award has gone around I see, and also people who would answer it!

I just wanted to say Thank you so much to Cute Sister. On Monday, she surprised me and took me to a spa day at Green Valley Ranch. Have you ever had a hot rock massage? Oh. My. Gosh.
It was orgasmic! We then layed out at the pool all day and watched people (my favorite thing to do) then in for a facial. Yes, I do look 10 years younger, if only to myself. And don't worry, there will be no pictures. After that, on the way home we went to Red Mango!!! She did not even make me run for it ! (This time anyway)

Sometimes it is hard to express to someone how much you love them and how much an act of kindness has touched you. Yes, she knows how much I needed that day, with family stress and all, but she has no idea HOW much it meant to me. I think I will forgive her for being cute and skinny, and for making me run before I got a Red Mango. Well, I have to forgive her, she is my hairdresser. That could me ugly.

Oopie, you were so inspired! Thank you. I Love You.


Sandra said...

That 135 lbs. you lost, I think I found them. Want them back?

I agree on high maintenance people, but I don't want the people in my life to weed me out. That wouldn't be nice. : )

Lucky Homer!

I don't have a sister, so even though they are psycho & cute & make you run for food, it sounds like you got a good deal.

You truly deserve an award!

Homer and Queen said...

Thanks Sandra!!!

Sandra said...

I meant to tell you how to place it on the side bar. Go to customize, click get gadget and choose picture. Load it like any photo.

Kristina P. said...

135 pounds!?!? You are amazing!!!

And I need a spa day. To get over the loss of Michael. Sob.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

YAY you for losing the 135 pounds thats awesome!!!! I love your list..its a fun way to get to know someone. Your spa day sounds dreamy!!! You really are a sound like so much fun to hang out with!!! Hope you are having a super friday!!!

Lisa said...

Congratulations!!!! You totally deserve it!

April said...

I have seen the before pic! Congrats on the award. And way to diss my post! You wouldn't be dissing it if you realized that WAS his Father's Day present! hahahaha! I was too sick to go out and get a gift!

BTW...we are a lot alike! Just sayin!

April said...

Now off to do my better not judge me! ;)

Jen said...

AWWW, that was so sweet!! Made me cry! I LOVE YOU!

Barbaloot said...

Good call on #5! Sometimes those people can be so stressful!

Deanna said...

That was so fun to read. I learned so much that I never knew. And you've given me Great hope to lose those nasty pounds that creep onto you. I'm going to be bugging you for advice and tips.

Missy said...

I love #5! I have got to start implementing this one!
Congrats on the award and thank you for passing it on to me! Love you!

Amy Joy said...

Is this "award" what the cool bloggers call a tag? JUST SAYIN don't put #5 on me. I will send you "that" picture for the rest of your life. You look great in it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Congrats on your AWARD!!!

I also have a spiritual side but rarely let it show... hard shell is RIGHT!!!

YOU LOOK AMAZING not FAT... just sayin!

Princess Danell said...

Yikes! 135 pounds. That makes my little dent seem so paltry in comparison.

OK, now what am I suppose to do? Make my own list and post it on my blog???Details?

Homer and Queen said...

Dang! Now you guys know I used to be fat and I am not naturally this hot!

Jaclene said...

You can add this girl to locals who read your blog. Love you. See you in a couple hours!