Monday, June 8, 2009

Yeah ME!!!!

I just read on K.P.'s blog... (See the post below) that I won a CD from the cute running skinny chick!!! Yeah me!!!

I has been a long week and I am so tired! I had to travel far, far, away...and care for my FIL while my BIL and Shoe Girl are at Disney World with their little darlings. Grandpa and I (we will call him Grandpa 'cuz, well gee...that's what my kids call him so EVERYONE calls him Grandpa.

Anyway...Grandpa is 84 and not doing so great, so I went to spent 3 days with him and ended up staying a week, I did have to spend my birthday alone, and I can live with that, because I had a GREAT lunch date with my new BBFF's Shelle and April, but I am bitter...I missed Phantom with Homer, so he took McFly!!! My 11yr old! Now you see why I'm bitter!? 8th the middle...but she did LOVE it and was very grateful!

And besides that...right now I am watching Homer do PX90!!!! And I'm not doing it!!! He wouldn't let me take a picture of him, but I will another me! It will be worth it!!! Wheelchair Boy just said "that's not a workout! That's a freak show!!"

Below is the little dinky house I had to stay in with grandpa and 4 dogs.

I could not even pee without them following me! Don't tell Shoe Girl I told you this, but she spoon feeds her Yorkie, so guess who had to do that! Yep I sure did! Homer told me the only reason I was going to spoon feed that dog is so that I could blog about it! (well...he was kinda right!)

I would like to thank my mama for watching MY kids so I could take care of grandpa.

My niece Ames and her fam came from Penn. to visit, and there are all my nieces at our party! The one in the yellow graduated from high school today...Congrats!
I will do a better post tomorrow...but I HAD to do a photo of my first born...this is the first time I have seen him smile in 5 years...sad, but very true!


Kristina P. said...

YOu need to email me your info!

Sandra said...

Looks like a terrible place to spend a week, I don't know how you could stand it. Sheesh! Spoon feeding a Yorkie, they don't eat much, right? I hope not.

The smile on first born is worth waiting five years for.

Sandra said...

Oh, congrats on winning!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

well it had to suck being in that tiny little house spoon feeding that tiny little dog while taking care of that g-pa....geez how did you survive!!!!!

Oh and your smiling first born....its priceless!!!!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

oh and I about forgot congrats on winning!!! YAY YOU!!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Oh you poor thing... that house is a POOR house, it's PITIFUL!!!

I LOVED our LUNCH date BTW! We should have planned it for your BIRTHDAY... duh!

Love ya girl!

April said...

If I had known you were going to be so cramped in that flea bitten place you could have come and stayed on our couch....with grandpa of course! lol!

I know being stuck here didn't make up for missing Phantom....but I sure had fun...and isn't it all about me?'re the Queen...never mind! LY!!

Lisa said...

I'm glad you survived the torture of residing in such a cramped, miserable place. :-0 It must have been horrible....probably need some therapy for the PTSD you're going to have.

Congrats on the win!!!

Oldest....totally worth waiting for that smile.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Spoon fed? Really?

The Scott Family said...

So, you're so sweet to go spend your birthday taking care of grandpa. Sorry you missed Phantom...sounds like awesome seats. I'm sorry you had to stay in that dinky house. That really stinks. And, I don't know the story with your son but that is one gorgeous smile and I'm glad you saw it;)

Melinda said...

So many things....first of all, you suck for winning! I NEVER WIN!!! Okay, so really SORRY you missed Phantom, that sucks big time so I guess I forgive you for winning...And I think you must be saintly for all the things you do for other people, I want a lunch date with you too! Your husband is doing P90X?! Thats hard stuff, I'm seriously impressed! And most of all, love the smile on first born, so nice!

Homer and Queen said...

OK KP..Melinda and I will come and have lunch with you!

Melinda-we started P90X once before, I did it 3 days...never again!

Princess Danell said...

Well, isn't this your lucky month. A birthday, presents from KP and ME! Hope they made it unbroken. I am completely jealous of Grandpa's house. Jeez!

Anonymous said...

What the Flagnon!!! I'm working my outta shape fat butt off doing P90X and you mock me on the blog, that aint right. You'd think I could get a little encouragement and support from the family as dad practically kills himself exercising...but NOOOOOO, I get "hey look at that freak show of the fat, sweaty, bald guy". Don't I feel loved and appreciated. And oh yeah, thanks for the recognition/support Melida, cause the family aint even serving up any crumbs.

Missy said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I will be praying for Grandpa!
Thank you so much for your loving words during my family crisis! You are a gem!